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Competitive Research Statement. Why It Matters

Why do you need a research statement? Is it important? The answer is ‘yes.’ and you should learn why. The PhD field is difficult to enter, and applicants are screened properly before they can pass and become a candidate in a particular university. Aside from difficulty, you may also want to know about the tuition fee in top schools as well as the top mistakes to avoid when writing your research statement.  Check out the following for tidbits of data to know.

Competitive Research Statement. Why It Matters

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Difficult PhD Areas to Enter

  1. Physics, computer science and mathematics 5/5
  2. Economics 4/5
  3. Biology, electrical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering 3/5
  4. Philosophy and English 2/5
  5. Mechanical engineering 1/5

Top-Rated PhD Programs in the US and their Tuition Fee

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology $43,210
  2. Harvard University $43,774
  3. Stanford University $44,184
  4. California Institute of Technology $41,790
  5. Princeton University $43,720

Lowest Acceptance Rates Top Universities with PhDs

  1. Stanford: 5.1 percent
  2. Harvard University: 6 percent
  3. Princeton University 7.4 percent
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Science and Technology 9 percent

10 Colleges Getting the Most Applications

  1. University of California Los Angeles, 86,548
  2. University of California Berkeley, 73,779
  3. University of California San Diego 73,440
  4. University of California Santa Barbara, 66,813
  5. University of California Irvine, 66,505
  6. University of California Davis, 60,506
  7. San Diego State University 56,921
  8. California State University Long Beach 56,357
  9. Boston University 54,190
  10. University of Southern California

Mistakes to avoid in research statement

  • too long
  • making statements
  • obvious sentiments
  • misreading the audience
  • excessive humbleness
  • excessive emotion
  • failing to link research and teaching into one consistent flow
  • no conclusion

There you have the most important details to know about PhD and statement of research to know so that you will have a clear picture of what to expect, which top schools to choose and what things to avoid when writing your research statement.

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