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Postdoc Research Statement

postdoc research statementWriting your postdoc research statement requires careful consideration on your part as this can have a huge effect on your chances of being considered for the academic post. When writing your statement it should be technical but easy to understand by those who are part of the department.

You can tackle specific issues that you wish to address in your statement while at the same time provide steps on how you will be able to solve these problems through your research. Accomplishments are part of your statement but if you are having to integrate all the necessary information in your research statement, you should consider calling in the experts.

Building Your Postdoc Research Statement

It’s not easy to write the research statement especially for an academic position as institutions will be expecting the best statement from you. So how can you go on about this?

  • Keep it Short. As much as you are into novel writing, your research statement should be about 2 to 3 pages all in all. More pages can bore your readers especially when you’re just repeating yourself.
  • Use Proper Format. This means your statement should have an introduction, problem statement, body, and conclusion.
  • Stay Focused. Just because you are trying to impress your readers it doesn’t mean that you should cover a wide area in your postdoc statement. Focusing on areas that you know you can address is much better than taking on too much work without giving results.
  • Consider Collaboration. You can suggest that the department, faculty, or school can collaborate with you in your research.
  • Don’t forget to proofread your work afterward so you can spot areas that need to be corrected or improved.

Order Research Paper Problem Statement

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