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Statement of Research and Teaching Interests

statement of research and teaching interestsIs your statement of research and teaching interests not as impressive as you want it to be? Perhaps you need some helping hand in developing your paper? A lot of applicants fail to make an impression with their readers because of their poorly written research paper. This can affect their chances of being considered for the position which is many opt to hire a professional writing service to do this part of their application. If you feel that your application needs that competitive edge, don’t hesitate to come to us because we can produce a fully customized statement that will fit your needs.

How to Write an Expert Statement of Research and Teaching Interests

  • State your problem. Your statement of teaching and research interests should have a problem that it will address. If there are multiple issues within your field, choose those that are within your area of expertise.
  • State your methods. Of course, you need to convince your readers that your research is important and to do this you will have to show them what steps you will be taking to produce the best results.
  • Be concise. With so many ideas running through your head it is easy to feel the need to put everything in your statement. You should keep in mind, however, that your readers prefer a research statement that is concise rather than an overly complicated statement.
  • Keep it short. The panel doesn’t have time to go over 10 pages of research statement so make yours short but relevant and informative.
  • Review and revise. The first draft shouldn’t be the one you’re going to send. Take your time to review and revise your paper accordingly.

Where to Order Teaching and Research Statement

If your research statement isn’t as good as you want it to be or if you feel that there is more work to be done, you might want to consider hiring a writing service to go over your work. And when it comes to hiring a professional writing service to tackle this kind of work, there is only service to hire and that is us. We have been in the business of writing customized research statements for years now and we know how valuable it is to have a well written statement for your application. And because of this, we only work with the best writers so that all orders that come our way are handled by the experts. It’s really simple to place an order with us. Just fill out the form on our site, pay the fee, and we’ll assign a writer who will contact you for your statement.

Choose the Experts

Why worry about your statement of research and teaching interests or a postdoc research statement when you can hire our expert writers to work on it for you? We guarantee that your statement will focus on what you’ve accomplished so far and what you can possibly do with your research that will benefit the institution and the society. You only need to send your order to us today for us to start working on your paper.

Don’t hesitate to hire our writing service today and we’ll show you how your statement of research and teaching interests can stand out!