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Research Statement Example

Your research statement is valuable when applying for an academic position as this shows the panel what you’ve accomplished so far and what your plans are in the future to address the issues that you’ve highlighted in your statement. Of course, delivering a statement such as this should be done professionally to get the attention of your readers and one of the most effective ways to get the information to your readers is by using the right research statement template. And if you are looking for a template to follow, don’t hesitate to come to us immediately.

Research Statement Template Sample

If you are writing your research statement here is a template example of research statement that you can follow:

  • Talk about your agenda. Determine and take a stand on your statement’s main question and why it is important. Show your readers that you are capable of handling independent research regarding the issue you’ve raised and that you have the knowledge, background, and skills to fulfill your academic goal. Don’t forget to connect the institution, their faculty, and the department with regards to how they can help you in your field. The point here is to show what you’ve accomplished and what you can achieve in the long run.
  • State your focus. Address the main issue that you want to solve in your research statement. Tackle why this hasn’t been resolved yet and the steps you will be taking to find the answers. Write it in this manner Big Problem + the Challenge + your Approach.
  • Highlight the importance of your research. Not only to the institution but to society as well. Talk about what may happen when you become successful in your research. Talk about the grants you’ve been given, collaborations, and any research that may have been published.
  • Write in brief the main points of your statement of research at the end of your statement to reiterate what your goals are in applying for an academic position.

Tips from Sample Research Statement

When you look at various samples of research statement you will find that there are a lot of tips to be gleaned from them such as:

  • Start early. Write your research statement as early as possible so you will have plenty of time to review, edit, and revise.
  • Stay focused. It’s hard for the panel to understand your statement when there are a lot of ideas that are not organized properly. It’s important that you keep your attention focused on the main issue as you write your statement.
  • Revise and edit. Before you send your application containing your research statement, make sure that you go over your work several times to be able to catch any errors, improve weak statements and use proper research statement format.

Get Help from the Pros

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