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Writing a Successful PhD Letter of Intent

Putting together a well-written PhD letter of intent is a difficult task even if you know exactly what you’re going to study in the near future. Whether you’re going to pursue a doctorate at business school and you need a nudge in the right direction, or you’re trying to compose a nursing statement of purpose, our expert editors will show you exactly what it takes to succeed in academia. Get in touch with those in the know, and learn all there is to know about expressing your intentions to your prospective professors.

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What’s the Point of an Academic Letter of Intent?

Before you can even start to consider the content of an academic letter of intent, it’s worth thinking about the very purpose of it. Whether you’re just beginning your doctoral journey, or you’re already looking for a research statement for faculty position sample, first have a look at the major reasons for writing an academic letter of intent:

  • One of the major reasons for writing your letter is to demonstrate that you’re far more than just a stack of documents with grades and other important but ultimately flawed information. Take a holistic and personalized approach to show your future professors what you’re really about.
  • As you’ll see from a top letter of intent academic example, another great reason for writing a letter of intent for PhD is to showcase your specific accomplishments as they relate to your goals.
  • Your letter of intent for PhD application ultimately brings together all the various bits of information about you into one single package that can be easily digested by your target audience.

The Main Outline of Your Letter of Intent

When you look at a top-quality letter of intent for PhD program sample that has been carefully crafted to match the application requirements precisely, you’ll quickly notice that the finest letter of intent academic example types all follow the same kind of logic. Start learning how to write an academic letter of intent by taking a look at the basic structure and format associated with this sort of document. Right alongside these pointers, you’ll find expert tips to help you put pen to paper at last:

  • The whole point of writing an academic letter of intent is to show the faculty members how well you would fit into their university whether it’s to do with the student cohort, the subject matter to be studied, or what you can actually contribute during and after your studies have been completed. Ask your chosen expert what the main unwritten questions your future faculty might have about you.
  • You need to arrange your statement into a narrative if you want to connect with your audience. This is a difficult task to handle correctly without professional support, but as Vince Gotera says, “All undergrads going on to a grad program will be challenged, no matter how well-prepared they think they are”. Make sure you ask an experienced mentor to show you the path to success.
  • You can’t rely on mere narrative alone, however. Instead, you should add numbers to your writing in order to enable your readers to understand the context of your situation. Most expert writers agree that quantifying your achievements is the best way to boost the authority of your words.

phd letter of intentSchoolkid Errors to Avoid at All Costs

When putting together a letter of intent PhD program hopefuls often make the same mistakes over and over again. There are certain sure-fire ways to disappoint the application committee at your favorite university, so make sure you read up on the mistakes below and steer well clear of them.

Follow the timely advice from our experts, and you’ll avoid these pitfalls with no problem at all:

  • Never settle for plain statements such as those that are all too common when you’re writing a letter of intent for PhD. Instead, inject some enthusiasm into your writing and really show your readers why you want to study the particular degree you’re interested in.
  • Never keep your content vague and superficial. Instead, you’ve got to be specific about your intentions, being as introspective as possible without appearing overly sentimental.
  • Never compose a generic essay and hope it will be sufficient. You absolutely must customize the content to match your situation and try to relate to the culture of your chosen college as well as its values.

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Keep Clear of Cringeworthy Cliches

If you have ever read the kind of cliche-ridden letter of intent PhD program candidates sometimes write on their first attempt, you’ll see immediately why some people don’t get to pursue their dream of postgraduate education. Stick to accurate information that’s interesting and fresh, rather than relying on tired old stock phrases. Here are some of the main cliches used by students who have failed to realize how to write an academic letter of intent that really counts:

  • “I’ve always been interested in…” This really goes without saying. After all, you wouldn’t be applying to a course if you didn’t have an interest in it. Make it personal and talk about your real reasons for applying.
  • “I’m very passionate about…” Once again, this is stating the obvious. So many students make this mistake year after year when you need to actually be showing your enthusiasm rather than merely telling your readers about it.

Get the Best Support Available

When you’re writing a letter of intent for PhD application purposes, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time around. Our expert writers and editors are available around the clock to analyze your work and create a personalized letter of intent for PhD program sample that you can learn from. Here are just a few of the top reasons why we can guarantee that you won’t find better writing mentors than those on our team of consummate professionals:

  • We only work with the finest native English speakers, all of whom possess a minimum of a master’s degree in your chosen subject.
  • All the sample texts we produce are completely original and are checked by an independent anti-plagiarism software program.
  • We are able to work to just about any deadline you can imagine. Even if you’ve got mere moments remaining, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help.
  • We provide you with the lowest prices while connecting you directly with an expert writer, all because we cut out unnecessary intermediaries and third parties.
  • You can securely pay for our services and select on your payment option on the billing page.
  • In the highly unlikely event that you’re not happy with our work, we offer a full refund in accordance with our money-back guarantee.

Timely Support Just When You Need It Most

Getting your PhD letter of intent right first time is practically impossible without the help of a designated specialist who can show you the ropes. By getting in touch with a highly qualified and enthusiastic academic editor, you’ll boost your chances of doctoral success like you could never imagine. Whatever your particular issue might be, our dedicated experts are here to help you at a moment’s notice. Settle for nothing but the best when it comes to your PhD.

Discover the best way to write your PhD letter of intent. Make the right choice and you’ll achieve all your academic goals!